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CFS (Corrector of functional state) – a unique development of Russian scientists, a product for medical purposes, the device is intended to protect against external aggressive electromagnetic radiations. CFS manufacturing techniques are akin to the organization principles of electromagnetic fields at a cellular level in a live organism. CFS is logged by figurative harmonious information in rhythms of a magnetic field of the Earth and external space radiation. It renders beneficial influence on an organism as a whole or its particular functions. Owing to that CFSs are the synchronizers of internal rhythms of an organism with the rhythms of an external field that is one of the basic criteria of health maintenance. CFS is also logged by the information necessary for counteraction to psychopower influences, and neutralisation of biopathogenic fields. CFS can correct frequency characteristics of Hartman’s chart of the Earth (a lattice of power lines of acoustic-electric fields of the Earth). The information on CFS can vary depending on the functional purpose. On the basis of long-term research works on the use of Cirlian effect in the diagnostic purposes a Georgian biophysicist M.I. Shaduri says in his book:
"Elements of biosystem, organism structure communicate among themselves by means of images. The nature uses the same mechanism for distant interactions between organisms. The concept of health means harmonious work of all organs and systems, harmony with environment”. Therefore, a prerequisite of health recovery is the synchronisation of internal rhythms with the rhythms of an external field.

Corrector of a functional state (CFS) is developed to tackle this problem – the synchronisation of internal and external rhythms. The natural mechanism of influences and a wave exchange between biosystems is the universal use of scalar magnetic fields and the longitudinal electromagnetic waves connected with them which are bioinformation fields of a live matter.
Experimentally a scalar magnetic field was discovered by Tomsk physicist Gennady Vasiljevich Nikolaev (the application for the registration of a discovery was submitted in 1982) who sawed a cylindrical magnet and turned a half of it by 180 degrees.
In the mid-90es the director of Austrian institute for fundamental physics, Stefan Marinov, after examination of G.V. Nikolaev’s discovery wrote: "a cylindrical magnet which is cut by an axial plane and one half is turned, creates a magnetic field close to a cut which operates on currents with longitudinal forces: it will be possible to create perpetuum mobiles with its help”.
Irrespective of G.V. Nikolaev’s works we managed to develop a device similar in principle, but made of flat magnetic materials. We have emphasized the development of physiologic wave sources which can be images: polarisation of various solutions, ointments; polarisation of plants, etc.

Magnetisation is made in passive generators of longitudinal waves in natural rhythms of both the external magnetic fields of the Earth. And the magnetic field of the Earth is both the power supply and the communication line for CFS.
The main objective which we pursued – to learn how to produce dynamically stable in regard to external indignations low-intensity longitudinal waves generators, an electromagnetic homoeopathic remedy to purposefully change a functional state of a bio-object. After all only in nonequilibrium-steady system as all live organisms are, with small but operating indignations one can introduce global changes. The fact of providing constantly operating influence is an unsoluble problem for classical homoeopathy. As CFSs do not shield external electromagnetic radiation, and alter it in the existential structure compatible to the organization of a biosystem it is capable to integrally support oxidation-reduction balance, balance of oxidation-reduction processes, thereby supporting difficult hierarchy of biorhythms of an organism.As in a small vicinity CFS longitudinal electromagnetic waves influence currents in conductors, they can be used both to destruct an electromagnetic smog from many electronic devices and as information sources with a necessary functional purpose for any existing physiotherapeutic equipment, and as independent sources of influence.

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