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For years of activity the company «Center Region» accumulated big experience of use of CFS Koltsova.

Developed the most effective methods of using Corrector Functional State.
Create methods and recommendations for different series of the CFS. Were created video lessons for customers and partners of the company. Which shows the most effective techniques to use CFS from the author developer S. Koltsova.
This film was created for those who understand, that Health is the main wealth of a human being without which he cannot be happy. This movie is for those who are acquainted with CFS and their unique properties. And wants to use the CFS for the effective rehabilitation of the body.
CFS is a representative of the Energy-Information Medicine. The future of medicine.
CFS is safe. Easy to use. Not require a power supply (powered by electromagnetic field of the earth).
Does not require purification. Can be used by all family members.
The efficiency of The effect depends on the correct use of the CFS.
3 ways to impact CFS: Water, Air and wear on the body.
Water under the influence of CFS is structured and has healing and harmonization properties.
There are 3 series FSC: Blue, Green and Lilac.
The blue series is responsible for the physiological condition of the body. Start with blue series. Blue series contains 8 plates. From # 1 to # 8.
Start use CFS need with #1 and #2.
Comments the movie the head of the center training company «Center Region» doctor S.M. Lugovaya.
The most effective and the easiest method of the impact of the CFS on the human body is water. You should regularly drinking structured water.
To do this take 2 carafe. Mark them for convenience and fill with clean water. Put them on CFS №1 and №2. After 5-7 minutes the water will be ready.
Drink water you need #1 from the morning till 16:00. From 16:00 until morning drink water with # 2.
Daily rate of water 30 ml/kg body weight. (1,5-2L).
Also when using the CFS can be structured in any types of drinks and food that contains water (juice, milk).
And now look how to make structured water for washing, shower and bath.
Fix the CFS on the water tap with rubber band. The water in the stream is structured instantly.
Take a bath with structured water is much more important during intoxication and other emergency conditions of the organism.
If you want the water you had always structured, fix the CFS on incoming pipes.
For the structuring of water in a large volume (bath, pool) need add 3-5 liters structured on FSC water and stir well.
If a person is seriously ill, you can do the wrapping bandages soaked structured water. To enhance the effect, you need to put CFS.
Airborne method of purification of the room from viruses and negative energy. Is performed with the help of a spray gun.
For protection against electromagnetic emanations need to put any CFS incoming wires or device.
For the protection against external and internal negative factors need to wear it on the body.
To restore the energy centers and channels (which are often blocked internal (stress, emotions etc) and external factors) to do a “prokachka” (pumping) energy centers.

Variant 1. One CFS put under the coccyx, the second CFS put on the cervical spine. 5-10 minutes.
Variant 2. One CFS put under the coccyx, the second CFS put on the queue energy centers for 1-3 min
Variant 3. Cross-pumping (“prokachka”) standing or sitting. 
One CFS put under the left leg, the other CFS take in the right hand of 5 minutes.
Then change the left hand right leg 5 minutes.
The most important to use CFS it systematically. CFS is your talisman and healer.
Stay always in a positive mood, think about a bright and pleasant!
In this part we told you about CFS #1 and #2 blue series.
For a Green and Lilac series CFS will be made to individual films.

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